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24.00 LBS

Product Description

435w High Intensity LED grow light for All Stages of plant growth!

Max Coverage 4' x 4'

Intense Coverage 3' x 3'

Optimal Coverage: 4' x 3'

12" 40,000 950
18" 28,000 650
24" 20,000 480
30" 15,500 370
36" 10,000 200

Single lens LED's will spread light out horizontally and blend colors faster. Ideal for tents or where distance from light to canopy may be an issue.

The Dominator is an innovative high intensity LED grow light designed specifically to fuel the entire photosynthesis process. Lush's all stage fixtures produce a light spectrum 50% more energetic than HPS fixtures. This type of light will fuel your plants with the same highly energetic photons that come from the sun. Near UV light is used to stimulate more resin production while helping boost plants’ natural immune system. Lush has also increased the available photons for carotenes to increase the terpene production in your plants. Providing your garden with the energy it needs will reward you with a bigger, healthier and more nutritious crop!  

You can trust Lush Lighting to always have healthier crops over HPS. From cloning through growing and all the way to the end of flowering, this light has what your plants need! Near UV light is used to stimulate resin production while helping boost plants’ natural immune system. Infrared light is used to penetrate deep into the plant and boost chlorophyll fluorescence so that no light is wasted. Plants have had millions of years to adapt to their environment, so providing your garden with the most electrically charged photons will reward you with a bigger, healthier and more nutritious crop!

Lush Lighting products have a low heat signature, high efficiency rating and are built to last a decade! We want to see you succeed! We build the best agricultural grow lights on the market for your peace of mind! LED is safer and the results will literally pay for themselves. Increase the level of photosynthetic activity on your plants today!

Warranty Information


Lush Lighting brand products provide warranty against defective materials and/or workmanship to original owners from the date of original purchase for the first three years of ownership by the original consumer. In the event of defective materials and/or workmanship, Lush Lighting, Inc will (without charge for parts or labor) repair or replace, the defective product. Repairs will be complete within 14 days from receipt of the defective product. For minor repairs such as a power supply replacement, we will send the new part to you with instructions on how to replace it. In the event that the new part does not fix the problem, or there is a problem which is more complex, the light will need to be returned for a warranty replacement. All warranty repairs are free of charge. If product is returned for warranty repair and is out of warranty or found working, the shipping charges will be applied. Repairs are $50 an hour labor plus parts when not in warranty. The customer will be responsible for the cost of parts and labor. Warranty does not apply to damage resulting from improper care, housings that have been opened, misuse, or normal wear and tear, which includes, but is not limited to, improper installation and/or failure to provide reasonable and necessary ventilation. Contact Lush Lighting, Inc directly via e-mail to request your Return Memo Authorization.

Return shipments will be covered if the following are met:

• Product returned with RMA approval and providing proof of sale by Lush Lighting, Inc.
• Product should be returned in original packaging or equivalent.
• Damage due to poor packaging may void the warranty and will be the customer’s responsibility.
• Warranty will be void if factory serial # has been tampered with or removed.
• Warranty will be void if “Do not remove” sticker is removed from protective screw.
• RMA returns should never be returned without prior approval.
• Return products for credit are subject to a minimum 15% restocking fee (up to 40% based on condition).
• Always write your RMA number on the shipping call tag and retain the receipt. Do not mark directly on the box.
• All warranties are void outside of the U.S.A. and Canada.
• Return shipping charges are the sole responsibility of the customer unless under warranty.
• Ineligible products include Certified Refurbished lighting fixtures and discontinued products.

Other Details

Coupon code:
Secure Checkout. Enter your billing and shipping information. Step 5 will prompt to enter a coupon code. Enter LUSH and watch your invoice go down 5%! Save big on your entire order! LUSH grows healthier plants!

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Product Reviews

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  1. Make the switch! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Nov 2014

    Photons folks. No more scorching hot bulb. No more heat issues. No more ballasts. No more buying expensive HPS bulbs. This LED technology is geared for the indoor grower. Lush Lighting has cutting edge grow fixtures that your garden will thank you for at harvest. Get real, go LED from the family run Lush LED Lighting.

  2. I'm using my two Dominators for supplemental lighting 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Feb 2014

    I'm using my lush LED's for supplemental lighting to fill in areas of my garden where my HID lights cant reach also to boost the light spectrum which I know for a fact will help my plants produce more resin and heavier flowers without adding all the synthetic flower boosters. Unlike my HID lights the Dominator barely produced any heat, enough to keep the surface temperature of the leafs at the right levels without raising the rooms ambient temperature to high. The dominator was extremely easy to install, just plug and play! no large heavy ballast to hang, I just plugged it into a 120v timer and I was good to grow!!

  3. Hands down the best light i've used in 8 years of indoor growing 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Feb 2014

    I have been an indoor medicinal grower for 8 years now and I can say, without a doubt, that these Dominators are the best lights I have ever used. So much of what is on the market looks great, sounds great but fall painfully short when it comes to actually producing results. Lush Lighting has made a believer out of me and they will do the same for you. I've been growing with a pair of dominators on one side of my room and a pair of 1000w full spectrum halides on the other side for the last three cycles. Every single time the Lush plants have thicker stalks, more root mass, more uniform branch formation. The buds are noticeably denser, heavier and more resinous. My last gas chromatograph results came in at 22.39% THC. These are the real deal!

  4. I am now a believer in LED because of Lush 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Feb 2014

    I started off being skeptical of LED lighting , but after hearing great things about lush I decided to try them and wasn't disappointed . I decided to put it through the ultimate test ... A 1000w hps light vs the original Dominator from lush. Not only did the Lush produces a more visually appealing flower , but the plant in general just looked like it loved the light way more then my HPS hortilux 1000 watt.

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